Learning Chinese

I think to learn Chinese (or any language in general), it is important to learn outside the textbook also. During the academic time, it is often the case (at least for me) that there is not enough time to look at something else apart from what is already there in the textbook. This is a break time, so I think it is a golden opportunity to do this. I read Prof. Tao’s blog (in which I plan to read everything), and someone translated the page into Chinese. So, I will put it here and learn all the vocabulary in there!

link: http://article.yeeyan.org/view/99083/121600

original: http://terrytao.wordpress.com/career-advice/solving-mathematical-problems/

Sample words: 解题 (Jie3 Ti2): problem-solving

方面: side, aspects

未解決 (Wei4 Jie3 Jue2): unresolved

生涯 (Sheng1 Ya2): Career

知识 (Zhi1 Shi4): Knowledge

耐心 (Nai4 Xin1): Patient

勤奋 (Qin2 Fen4): Diligent

阶段 (Jie Duan4): Stage

竞赛 (Jing4 Sai4): Competition

成型 (Cheng2 Xing2): Forming

技巧 (Ji4 Qiao3): Tecnique

尤为 (You2 Wei2): Particularly

发现 (Fa1 Jian4): Find

比如 (Bi3 Ru2): Such as

前提条件 (Qian2 Ti2 Tiao2 Jian4): Hypothesis

强 (Qiang2): Strength

短期 (Duan3 Qi2): Short-Term

目标 (Mu4 Biao1): Goal

长远 (Chang2 Yuan3): Long Term


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