The purposes of this blog are manifold. Here are a few.
– to keep you updated and let you be part of my journey
– to practice writing, and, well, in English
– to reflect myself. I believe one way to know more about myself is to expose myself to another culture–to see myself as a part of a totally new environment.
– to dig deeper into any real-life issues that come up. Whenever I write something here, I will try to research some more too.
– just an advertisement, I will try to open an online art gallery, and online music gallery. Well, I don’t want this to be public yet, so I will need to ask you to use a log-in system, which is available by request.

I really want you to participate in this blog. For this first week, I haven’t yet had time to develop a feedback system. So, I will create a survey to ask your interests in the next blog post.





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